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Topic Description Take Test
All Topics Cover all the topics on offer Take Test
PC Architecture Test your knowledge of PC form factors, ports, cases, cables and connectors Take Test
Motherboards CPUs and RAM Test your knowledge of motherboards, CPUs and RAM Take Test
Disk Drive Storage Test your knowledge of various forms of PC storage, from floppy disk drives through to optical and hard disk storage Take Test
Computer Networks Test your knowledge of basic computer networking, topics include an understanding of the OSI model, LANs and WANs, network topologies and networking media Take Test
IT Customer Service Test your knowledge of professional IT customer services Take Test
Operating Systems (OS) Test your knowledge of PC and Network Operating Systems (NOS) and related topics Take Test
Printers and Printing Test your knowledge of printers and printer technology, including printer troubleshooting Take Test
PC Maintenance Test your knowledge of computer system maintenance and servicing Take Test
Display Devices (VDU) Test your knowedge of various display devices including maintenance and troubleshooting Take Test
Power Supply Units (PSU) Test your knowledge of PC power supplies (PSU) Take Test
Basic Electrical & Electronics Test your knowledge of basic electrical and electronic topics Take Test
Backup technology Test your knowledge of PC and Server Data & backup Take Test

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